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Delicious lives, will Yahoo

I thought I’d take a break from non-blogging – sorry been trying to focus on building a kick ass company – to comment quickly on the news about delicious having a second life with Avos, a company founded by the founders of YouTube. For delicious – phew, I’ll continue to use the service in the […]

My thoughts on Delicious and Yahoo!

Thanks Yahoo! Thank you for giving me a job, for teaching me loads, introducing a number of really great people – developers, marketers, financiers and others – into my network and for helping me pay off an insane amount of student debt. That being said, you’re screwed. You’re screwed because you’ve shown that you don’t […]

A merger isn’t right for Yahoo!

Disclaimer: I worked for Yahoo! for 3 years from 2007 to 2010 in London and in Rolle, Switzerland. I have not discussed this with anyone at Yahoo! I am no longer doing any consulting or any other work for the company and I don’t hold any Yahoo! stock anymore, I only have friends at the […]

Go big or go home

Google’s launched instant search this week, and it’s pretty cool.  There’s some interesting chatter on the interwebs about how Yahoo! had something similar in 2005 but couldn’t get the traction and execution internally to make a success out of it. I’m not going to comment on whether or not extending this service would have saved […]

Kill the takeover

When I was at Yahoo! one of the things that drove me batty was seeing an advertiser take over a property, either the homepage or some other vertical (like Sports or Movies or some other bit of Yahoo). It’s not that I’m not for capitalism and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the attempt at […]

Leaving Yahoo!

I’ve always believed in the idea that you should leave a place in better shape than you found it. From when I go to a fast food restaurant and make sure I give the table a good wipe before I take off to my professional career. So with tomorrow – my last day at Yahoo […]

An MBA’s opinion on MBAs and start ups

There’s an interesting post on some dude’s (or dudette’s for that matter) posterous about MBA’s and start ups. The post starts off talking about a conversation that was overheard at some café in the valley where a couple of MBAs are going off about joining a start up and the fast lane to riches. The […]

Musical chairs in technology

People move. People leave companies. It happens. New CEOs, directors, leaders, like to bring in their own people, it happens. Here’s the thing, in technology people don’t make markets. Seeing myspace bring in former facebook staff do I think it’s going to help myspace take over facebook? No. Seeing AOL bring in former Googlers do […]

Application effects

Over the last couple of years I’ve come across a lot of services that had network externalities tied to it. SMS messaging, it’s no fun if there’s no one to text back. Facebook, what’s the point unless you’re seeing pictures and getting updates from people you care about? And most recently twitter. Okay I’ve blogged […]

The first web powered US election

Like most of the rest of the world, I’ve been really interested in the US election this year. It’s been the most anticipated and tightly fought battles in my lifetime and I think it’s very cool to be an adult with so many American friends and family living in America at this time. But the […]