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Making things happen in 2010

“Getting things done is not the same as making things happen.” – Gina Trapani page 68 in What Matters Now. When you set the theme for your year as “learning to do”, you’re in for a long year. It was definitely a long year, but it was a good one. I managed to got a […]

Is design online being given too much credit?

Okay, first and foremost I think good design is important, very important, I just want to start a dialogue here. Earlier this week I came across this post from Andrew Michael Baron, talking about how Twitter “could lose the game by design” and then today I came across this delightful rant on Metlabdesign about Zappos’ […]

Going with your gut versus going with the numbers

I was doing some pro bono work for an entrepreneur a couple of months ago, the company is a University spin out and has some great technology, I was helping him figure out how to apply the technology. He was really interested in going one way, a way in which he saw himself and people […]

Ownership and experience

I was having a conversation with some co-workers about business models and the like when we came onto the topic of Spotify. I’m a big, big, huge, big fan of Spotify. Think it’s a great service. And if Apple ever allows their iPhone app to go onto the app store I’ll probably sign up for […]

Going places

Karim Kanji asked me to write a blog post about, well in his words via twitter “I was thinking abt various places u’ve worked (cities) & the great things abt them for u?” for his blog. It’s a topic I’ve thought about, I wrote a bit of a critical post about Monocle magazine’s top 25 […]

When an acquisition can go right

I’m not always a big fan of acquisitions. Especially when the companies involved still have some growing to do, which is why I’m glad Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and others have stayed independent while MySpace and others have been acquired. I think a lot of times acquisitions stop companies from being focused on what got them […]

Working till later in life

The Economist had a report a couple of weeks ago on the impact of ageing populations on society’s ability to care for the aged, especially with slow growth and labour shortages. The article has got me thinking about retirement quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning my retirement per se, I live […]

Good fast cheap, pick three redux

So a couple of things from the last post. 1 – I had a copy of Flip sitting on my bookshelf, and it has a chapter on Good, Fast, Cheap pick three. I must have read the chapter overview when I picked it up a month ago, reading it now and will add some more […]

Play more

While going through the pictures of the Obama White House on Flickr I came across a number of pictures of the President at play. With the new first puppy; There’s a ton of others, Obama with a basketball tossing a football in the oval office etc. Lots of great pictures. I love this for two […]

Meme alert – 5 a day

I don’t usually participate in meme’s, but the meme Jim Byford tagged me with is a pretty good exercise. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t written a post in December yet, I needed to be inspired and Jim’s post did the trick. A site called Mindapples has started a meme asking people to […]