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Teaching to fail

Afriend of ours bought a lovely book for our daughter last week, “Rosie Revere, Engineer” is a great little story about a little girl who loves to tinker and build gadgets, she gets knocked down by an uncle who laughs, meets an Auntie who fixed planes and rediscovers her love for making things.  It had […]

It’s really hard to change your DNA

*editor’s note: we’re back on WordPress. The Tumblr experiment will live on but more to share content and for random things* When I was at Yahoo! There were two distinct times when I realised that the company wasn’t going to understand social media. The first was when a senior exec came to Europe and pitched […]

Moving house

We moved home last month, so only right to move blogs as well. You can find the new blog at

Finding my voice

The bee found her voice yesterday, so I thought it’s only right that I find mine as well. I’d like to say I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, except it’s not true. I’m sorry for a lot of things over the past couple of months, but, sadly, not writing is not one of […]

Being part of something bigger

I want Ad Avengers to be huge. So far it’s not even a blip. I’ve been working on it for a year, struggling to balance fund raising, product vision and sales. Truth be told it’s been a slog. Every step is difficult. So when the opportunity to be part of Seedcamp came up I felt […]


I don’t mind when people mispronounce my name. In fact I expect it. A certain sportscaster in Canada with the exact same first and last name has been mispronouncing it for years, so really it’s a given that at some point or another people will mispronounce my name. I accept it like I accept the […]


The Bee reminded me the other day of the idea that if you write things down they’re more likely to come true. That and the fact that I’ve done some form of resolutions post every year for the last 3 years means I probably should write something about my plan for the year. Yes, once […]

A tale of two ads #1

I’ve been terrible at following through with ideas for regular blog posts, but hopefully this might stick. I’m comparing two ads for two competing products and going to declare a winner. This week it’s Amazon’s Kindle versus Apple’s iPad – not the products, just the ads. So Amazon has a new lower priced Kindle, that’s […]


Being back in London for one week has been great. Socially, we’ve met up with friends, gone out without the baby and been spoilt for choice for take away and nights out. The Bee’s made a friend and been invited to a baby group, so it’s been great to be back. Professionally, I couldn’t be […]

Company character

Stick with me this post might be a bit longer than usual. I’ve been hearing lot’s of people talk about how companies can be good or evil. A lot of this goes back to Google’s whole “Don’t be evil” line that was the unofficial motto around the company a while back. Part of it is […]