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The young and the unemployed

A lot of news in the UK this week has been focussed on youth unemployment – specifically 16-24 year olds, and how high it is. As someone who’s undergraduate degree has nothing to do with his career since leaving University, I can relate. I’ve had this conversation with the Bee, who worked through summers and […]

The impact of social media on thought

Yesterday I got to write my first post for Umair Haque’s blog. I’ve been reading Umair’s reading for years after having Fred Wilson, Chris Anderson and Jeff Jarvis reference his thinking for a while it was a pretty big deal to be able to blog on his site. What writing a blog post there […]

Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell are wrong about social media

Let me preface what I’m about to write with the fact that I admire Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell a lot. I think their books are great and their thinking is fantastic. I enjoy the examples the bring about the way the world around us works and how to be extraordinary. That said both of […]

The future of the office

A couple of things have got me thinking about the future of our work set up. I’ve been working out of the Yahoo! offices for a couple of days a week and then out of the London Business School Library and most recently I was granted access to Camden Unlimited’s Collective project this is great […]

Taking back control of technology

There’s an interesting article on the HBR website today from Peter Bregman, the article is a bit sensational in it’s title, “Why I returned my iPad”. Bregman says that he missed being bored and spending time with his 8 year old daughter and so decided to return his iPad. As a result the comments have […]

An interview for Nestoria

I really like the guys over at Nestoria, a property search engine in Europe. I met them over at Yahoo! and they asked my to be their interview of the month. Here’s an excerpt, for the whole thing check out their blog. 3. Why set up your start-up in the UK? Especially in the current […]

Some thoughts for 2010

Had an interesting back and forth this morning with my friend Natasja about best of versus prediction lists. I like being nostalgic, but my preference is for thinking forward. Natasja’s point about lists being based on the “now” and not saying anything new, is a good one. But still which trends are going to follow […]

Things I talked about on twitter (TITAT)- Public Transport

Gonna try a new feature and blog about conversations I’m having on twitter (I’m @farhanlalji). Yesterday Aziz mentioned that it was going to take him an hour and fifteen minutes to take public transport to get to work in Toronto. He tweeted repeatedly about how crazy his journey, suggested improvements (like mobile phone coverage) and […]

Why books won’t die, yet.

The Bee was telling me James Walcott’s article in Vanity Fair last month about the Kindle and how Book Snobbery was at danger of extinction. I was under strict instruction that she was going to blog about it and I wasn’t allowed. Fine. I waited… and waited and waited and then said if you don’t […]

Misinformation in reporting

I’m getting really tired of news outlets interpreting moves as significant when they’re not. I’m tired of sensationalist journalism when really, if people stopped being either lazy or stupid, they’d find simple explanations. Two cases of this recently have set me off. First a lot of noise around Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Bing’s nice. It’s […]