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The impact of social media on thought

Yesterday I got to write my first post for Umair Haque’s blog. I’ve been reading Umair’s reading for years after having Fred Wilson, Chris Anderson and Jeff Jarvis reference his thinking for a while it was a pretty big deal to be able to blog on his site. What writing a blog post there […]

Scaling as a leader

I found in interesting that Twitter has announced its third CEO over the last few days. Twitter was started by Jack Dorsey and then headed up by Evan Williams (who had founded Blogger earlier in his career) and now Dick Costolo (who previously founded feedburner) is the new CEO. Comparing twitter to the other social […]

Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell are wrong about social media

Let me preface what I’m about to write with the fact that I admire Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell a lot. I think their books are great and their thinking is fantastic. I enjoy the examples the bring about the way the world around us works and how to be extraordinary. That said both of […]

Every site is a dating site

A funny thing happened on the way from Seedcamp, I had a really interesting conversation with Josh Russell, a fellow mentor. An interesting conversation that started when Josh said “all websites are dating websites” I found that hilarious. After I stopped laughing I thought about it a bit and declared that Josh was right! Here’s […]

Your Linkedin profile is more than a CV

A former colleague of mine messaged me on instant messenger to ask me how things were going, we started talking about Linkedin profiles and he said that he wanted to spend some time on his Linkedin profile after he figured out what he wanted to do – based on some advice he had gotten. I […]

Taking back control of technology

There’s an interesting article on the HBR website today from Peter Bregman, the article is a bit sensational in it’s title, “Why I returned my iPad”. Bregman says that he missed being bored and spending time with his 8 year old daughter and so decided to return his iPad. As a result the comments have […]

Apologize like Joyce not like Zuckerberg

This is Zuckerberg at the D8 conference talking about privacy, he’s pretty defensive, saying things like “we recommend settings… there are misconceptions about the information we’re sharing” and lot’s of other gobbly goop about how Facebook is working on privacy: Now this is Jim Joyce, an umpire who made a mistake on a baseball play […]

Changing my Linkedin philosophy

For a while I held the belief that I should only accept Linkedin requests from people I know well and have actually worked with. This was due to the fact that I didn’t want to be asked for recommendations or introductions from and to people that I didn’t really know. I’ve changed my mind this […]

Brand advertising 2.0 for the music industry

I really like Spotify, so much so that I give them 100 quid a year to be able to listen to the service on my iPod and in Switzerland. I also like thinking about metrics and measurement. Which is why this whole kafuffle about Spotify not paying artists enough or how the creative industries needs […]

Promoted tweets – the tip of the social media iceburg

So Twitter’s announced their monetisation model, “promoted tweets” will be seen from search queries around brands. To a lot of journos this looks a lot like ad sense / search engine monetisation that the likes of Overture / Google introduced years ago. But there’s more to this with Twitter. People forget that social media allows […]