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Follow the money

I had coffee with the awesome Eileen Burbidge today. I wanted to have coffee with her not only because I really admired her outspokenness on the situation at RadiumOne, but also as someone who’s made the transition from operating in large tech co’s to investing she’s seen a lot and is someone I feel I could […]


I read an interesting article on Lebron James, one of the premier Basketball players who plays for the Cleveland Cavs – and how he supported different teams growing up. From the Bulls (from Chicago) the Yankees (from New York) and the Cowboys (from Dallas), not sure who he supported in the NHL but as Cleveland’s […]

Integrity and success – karma

So Elton Brand opts out so his team can sign Baron Davis and looks like a hero until he signs with Philadelphia. Kind of reminds me of the job Carlos Boozer did on the Cleveland Cavaliers a couple of years ago. Chris Kaman goes to the Olympics with Germany, something about his great grandfather being […]

Shaq – big man, big heart, big mind

Great story on about Shaq dedicating a reading centre to a Boys and Girls club. Shaq has to be one of my favourite athletes! The guy went back to school, got an MBA and is – according to the video – now working on his doctorate. More young men and athletes should take Shaq’s […]

Some free advice for Donnie Walsh

Donnie Walsh is the new president of the New York Knicks. Hallelujah. Finally. For the past two years I’ve had a draft blog post saying that until Isiah Thomas was history I wasn’t going to be able to say “I’m a Knicks fan” with a straight face. We’re half way there. I like Walsh, think […]

Athletes and politics

News from the blogosphere hit one of my favourite tv shows today, ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption – I say TV show, but I listen to the podcast here in the UK. The news was that Greg Oden(GO), a basketball center with the Portland Trailblazers, had publicly endorsed Barak Obama on his blog. The post was […]

Sports, technology and entrepreneurship

As someone who studied sport, who works in technology and has a passion for entrepreneurship, I love it when the three meet. So when Don Dodge wrote a post about the Giants, Pats, Mavs, Larry Bird, and other sporting teams and heroes and the lessons for entrepreneurs through sport I enjoyed reading every word.

NBA Western conference preview

I’m a huge, huge, huge sports fan and haven’t had an opportunity to write a great deal about sports on this blog… yet.  After hearing that Darko had agreed to terms with Memphis I thought it was time to look ahead at the coming NBA season. Big free agent signings were not really a factor […]