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Being part of something bigger

I want Ad Avengers to be huge. So far it’s not even a blip. I’ve been working on it for a year, struggling to balance fund raising, product vision and sales. Truth be told it’s been a slog. Every step is difficult. So when the opportunity to be part of Seedcamp came up I felt […]

Tech communities are grown not dumped

The UK has announced that they want to create a tech city in East London, encouraging innovation and trying to grow the tech sector in London. Problem is they’re going about it from the wrong direction. The press coverage is spread with names like Google, Facebook, McKinsey, Silicon Valley Bank and other big hitters. Problem […]

Less then 48 hours to Switzerland

The Bee has started a blog about our move and two posts in she’s definitely proven she’s the writer in the family – I can’t believe she’s written about how we’re using stolen cutlery! Crazy to think after a combined 14 years in London (my eight and her six) we’ll be leaving for the hills […]

Kites in the sky

Kites in the sky Originally uploaded by farhanlalji Took this picture yesterday while walking around in Hampstead Heath. It always amazes me how much green space there is in London. You could be in the middle of buildings and yet not be far from a big park. Love it.

Home, finally!

The last two weeks have been chaotic.  And for some – namely the Mrs – that’s probably an understatement. After putting our flat on the market in June, getting an offer we accepted in July/beginning of August, and waiting what seemed a lifetime for a report from the council and the mortgage lender on our […]

Why strike?

With the RMT going on strike and most of the tube not running (lucky for me the Jubilee line and the national rail is unaffected), once again I’m wondering why people strike in the first place. I went on strike, once, for one day. It was when I was in the Public Sector, and my […]

Crowds and perspective

Mumbai Originally uploaded by farhanlalji The Tate Modern has a fantastic exhibit right now, called Global Cites. I finally got a chance to go and see it this weekend. If you’re in London and you’re looking for something to do this week/next weekend, I can’t recommend this exhibit enough. From the Tate’s website: “Global Cities […]

The photo shoot

man_u_teddies Originally uploaded by farhanlalji While having lunch today with the wife. These three ladies and their Man United teddy bears joined us. All of a sudden a photo shoot broke out. I resisted the urge to kick one of the teddies into the Thames.

To gallivant or not to gallivant that is the question

Imperialism, migration, travelling and life have been on my mind a fair bit this past week. Having watched The Last King of Scotland over the weekend, I revisited the plight of Asians (and Africans) in East Africa during the rule of Idi Amin.  I’ve been fascinated with this period of history for some time now.  […]

Allow me to reintroduce myself

My name is Farhan. I hit 30 last year, finished my MBA last month and joined Yahoo last week – okay it was 5 weeks ago, what can I say I’m a sucker for patterns. I used to blog at vox, and while it was a useful blogging tool for someone who was working full […]