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Being back in London for one week has been great. Socially, we’ve met up with friends, gone out without the baby and been spoilt for choice for take away and nights out. The Bee’s made a friend and been invited to a baby group, so it’s been great to be back. Professionally, I couldn’t be […]

Impeccable timing

When I was in University the internet was just being discovered. I subscribed to a Yahoo! email account, taught myself html on Geocities and fell in love with the web. I was lucky to have such experiences.When I left University, circa 2000, I came to London at a time when you didn’t need a Computer […]

No excuse for lack of passion

I started this blog as I finished the MBA to document my transition from a graduate to a professional. Professional what? I’m not sure. Right now it’s a marketer working for Yahoo! Allow me to think out loud for a couple of minutes. Last week I was listening to a great podcast from Stanford University’s […]

My mug on the EMBA brochure cover

During the MBA I liked to contribute in class. And now it seems like this contributing nature has got me a bit of infamy.I’m on the cover of the EMBA information brochure from London Business School! After hearing about it for a couple of weeks I finally managed to download it on the school website. […]

Lonely Planet and the BBC

I met Tony Wheeler, who with his wife Maureen founded Lonely Planet – at an entrepreneurship gala held by London Business School a few months ago.  The guy was a lot of fun.  He was humble, honest and engaging.  He spoke about how his wife was the business minded one of the two of them. […]

Done and done

I’m going to try and make this the last post about London Business School and my MBA. With it being part of my yesterday and my new found belief that it only pays to focus on today and tomorrow, I don’t want to get stuck in neutral. But one more indulgent review of the last […]