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Every site is a dating site

A funny thing happened on the way from Seedcamp, I had a really interesting conversation with Josh Russell, a fellow mentor. An interesting conversation that started when Josh said “all websites are dating websites” I found that hilarious. After I stopped laughing I thought about it a bit and declared that Josh was right! Here’s […]


This week was my first time at Seedcamp, I wasn’t able to go for the last couple of years due to Yahoo!, Switzerland and personal commitments and it has been a bit of a sour point for me. This year, thanks to a very kind intro, I was able to go as a product and […]

Go big or go home

Google’s launched instant search this week, and it’s pretty cool.  There’s some interesting chatter on the interwebs about how Yahoo! had something similar in 2005 but couldn’t get the traction and execution internally to make a success out of it. I’m not going to comment on whether or not extending this service would have saved […]

Mainstreaming technology

I’m not a huge apple fan boy, but I’m on my way. I’ve got an iPod Touch, a Macbook and I’ll probably get an iPad at some point in the future. I’ve stayed away from the iPhone as I think the iPod browsing and apps meets my needs. Then I saw the Apple keynote (if […]

Dogfood is for dogs

At Yahoo! there was an idea from some people within the company that we should “eat our own dogfood”, i.e. that we should be using our own products and services, that internal Yahoo!’s shouldn’t be using Gmail or other Google/Microsoft products. I was reminded of this idea by an article on Steve Ballmer and Bill […]

Apologize like Joyce not like Zuckerberg

This is Zuckerberg at the D8 conference talking about privacy, he’s pretty defensive, saying things like “we recommend settings… there are misconceptions about the information we’re sharing” and lot’s of other gobbly goop about how Facebook is working on privacy: Now this is Jim Joyce, an umpire who made a mistake on a baseball play […]

An interview for Nestoria

I really like the guys over at Nestoria, a property search engine in Europe. I met them over at Yahoo! and they asked my to be their interview of the month. Here’s an excerpt, for the whole thing check out their blog. 3. Why set up your start-up in the UK? Especially in the current […]

How to make pay walls work

Interesting article from the Guardian last week talking about the Irish News online pay wall and how they’ve set up a paywall last year with the choice of £5 for one week’s editions, £15 for a month’s and £150 for a year’s subscription but only managed to get “just 1,215 paid subscriptions: 525 weekly, 370 […]

Young dogs new tricks

One of my least favourite sayings is that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I really hate the idea that someone at any time stops learning. Or that someone can’t possibly learn the skills they need to be able to do something big. At the same time I really hate it when people […]


Today’s word of the day is “Equanimous”, and is brought to you by my good friend (and the Bee’s cousin) Tasleem Thawar. I can’t remember the exact context in which Tasleem introduced me and the Bee to being equanimous but it’s been a term that has stuck with me for while. According to multiple free […]