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A merger isn’t right for Yahoo!

Disclaimer: I worked for Yahoo! for 3 years from 2007 to 2010 in London and in Rolle, Switzerland. I have not discussed this with anyone at Yahoo! I am no longer doing any consulting or any other work for the company and I don’t hold any Yahoo! stock anymore, I only have friends at the […]

Go big or go home

Google’s launched instant search this week, and it’s pretty cool.  There’s some interesting chatter on the interwebs about how Yahoo! had something similar in 2005 but couldn’t get the traction and execution internally to make a success out of it. I’m not going to comment on whether or not extending this service would have saved […]

Do one thing great

I read this article from Dan Lyons about switching from an iPhone to an Android and the news about the Android outselling the iPhone in the US and looked down and my blackberry and laughed. Don’t get it twisted, I really like Google and respect the Android OS, I love Apple and love working on […]

Company character

Stick with me this post might be a bit longer than usual. I’ve been hearing lot’s of people talk about how companies can be good or evil. A lot of this goes back to Google’s whole “Don’t be evil” line that was the unofficial motto around the company a while back. Part of it is […]

Promoted tweets – the tip of the social media iceburg

So Twitter’s announced their monetisation model, “promoted tweets” will be seen from search queries around brands. To a lot of journos this looks a lot like ad sense / search engine monetisation that the likes of Overture / Google introduced years ago. But there’s more to this with Twitter. People forget that social media allows […]

The good type of failure

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you’ll land amongst the stars” I have to admit when I first heard of the Canadian Olympic Foundation’s goal of “Owning the Podium” at the 2010 Olympics I was a bit taken back, it just didn’t seem very “Canadian” to me. And even though I don’t […]

Beyond Google part two, for marketing

Duane over at Kashflow wrote a great blog post about SEO as a marketing strategy over at the Kashflow blog. I couldn’t agree more. His main point is summed up nicely in this bit: “Whilst free traffic (as opposed to paid-for Adwords) is highly desirable – and we certainly do well from it ourselves – […]

Beyond Google part one

There’s lots of news around Newscorp and getting Google to pay for the content on Newscorp newspapers. I don’t like is companies using Google as a scapegoat. Newscorp feels that Google should be paying for access. MSFT is talking about paying Newscorp for their content. The rationale being that perhaps this will make Google follow […]

Give stuff away, offer value, make money

Two articles today got me thinking about giving stuff away to make money. First a survey on the Independent shows that on average people who admit to illegally downloading music actually spend more on music than those who claim that they never down music dishonestly. I totally buy this. People who download music illegally are […]

Tip Black Tech

Is Google wave overhyped? Maybe. Is it a wash of productivity destruction and the worst of IM and email? Maybe. *Robert Scoble seems to think this about Google Wave and a whole lot worse. But people said the same thing about Facebook, and then joined and spent hours daily on it. They said the same […]