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Getting rid of the phonebook

An interesting piece on BBC’s breakfast news about how the phonebook was getting thinner. I couldn’t believe they still make the phone book. In our house if the phone book comes in it’s almost always just put in the recycling and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The funny thing was that there was […]

The future of the office

A couple of things have got me thinking about the future of our work set up. I’ve been working out of the Yahoo! offices for a couple of days a week and then out of the London Business School Library and most recently I was granted access to Camden Unlimited’s Collective project this is great […]

Things I talked about on twitter (TITAT)- Public Transport

Gonna try a new feature and blog about conversations I’m having on twitter (I’m @farhanlalji). Yesterday Aziz mentioned that it was going to take him an hour and fifteen minutes to take public transport to get to work in Toronto. He tweeted repeatedly about how crazy his journey, suggested improvements (like mobile phone coverage) and […]

Why books won’t die, yet.

The Bee was telling me James Walcott’s article in Vanity Fair last month about the Kindle and how Book Snobbery was at danger of extinction. I was under strict instruction that she was going to blog about it and I wasn’t allowed. Fine. I waited… and waited and waited and then said if you don’t […]

Phew, 2008’s done. Bring on 2009.

2008 was a pretty intense year for us, all of us. Okay that might have been a bit of an understatement. We – the bee and me – moved to Switzerland, the world suffered through the worst economic crisis since the depression. That’s looking like a tie right now. We got to visit Rome, Portugal, […]

Get rid of big offices

Let’s recap here, fuel prices are going up and up and up. People want to have a work-life balance. The internet has revolutionised the way people communicate. So why do we need to be in the same place to work together? We don’t. Sure being in the same room as people you work with adds […]

What do Whole foods and China have in common?

Both are banning disposable plastic bags! Whole foods has an initiative to get rid of disposable plastic bags by Earth Day 2008 and China is banning free plastic bags and moving to reusable cloth bags.  Good environmental and economic policy if you ask me. I think this is very cool. As someone who hoards bags […]

Random thoughts and the inspiration behind them

Three things I’m thinking about today: 1. It’s kind of crazy that if you build an exceptional brand that gets engrained into people, it’s hard for a competitor to overtake you, no matter how much better the experience is. Inspiration: the fact that Mapquest still dominates the US mapping market 2. Investment into public transport […]

Calling for a global ban on polystyrene

I got a couple of slices of toast this morning from our café. I also had sushi for lunch down the road. The food was great, the packaging sucked. I hate polystyrene packaging. Hate it. I get that it’s cheap and that for packaging cheap is good. But the fact that it takes forever to […]