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My thoughts on Delicious and Yahoo!

Thanks Yahoo! Thank you for giving me a job, for teaching me loads, introducing a number of really great people – developers, marketers, financiers and others – into my network and for helping me pay off an insane amount of student debt. That being said, you’re screwed. You’re screwed because you’ve shown that you don’t […]

Why I won’t be switching to Chrome just yet

Google’s launched a new browser, Chrome, and it’s nice. Sleek, very very very very fast (the Usain Bolt of browsers), easy to use and download, and it’s running on web kit and its open source so it’s extensible. But I won’t be switching from Firefox, my browser of choice, just yet. I’ve tried Chrome a […]

Using delicious better

Delicious has infiltrated my consciousness. Over the past 24 hours I’ve had about 18 conversations about using delicious. And this morning I discovered I can use delicious better too! Yesterday Cathy and I had a conversation with the boss man about delicious actually being people powered search in addition to being a good repository for […]