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The right time

One thing starting a business and having a daughter over the last couple of years has taught me is that a lot times we wait for the right time to do something when the right time doesn’t really exist. There’s a right time to do a lot of things, like send thank you cards, invitations, […]

The future of the office

A couple of things have got me thinking about the future of our work set up. I’ve been working out of the Yahoo! offices for a couple of days a week and then out of the London Business School Library and most recently I was granted access to Camden Unlimited’s Collective project this is great […]


There’s only one of me. I only have one life. But man I could use 3 of me. Today, Mira had her first Dr’s appointment, there’s an LBS alumni celebration and I’ve got really important meetings at work and in the evening. It’s crazy. I’m pretty lucky to have a great partner in the Bee […]