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The impact of social media on thought

Yesterday I got to write my first post for Umair Haque’s blog. I’ve been reading Umair’s reading for years after having Fred Wilson, Chris Anderson and Jeff Jarvis reference his thinking for a while it was a pretty big deal to be able to blog on his site. What writing a blog post there […]

Scaling as a leader

I found in interesting that Twitter has announced its third CEO over the last few days. Twitter was started by Jack Dorsey and then headed up by Evan Williams (who had founded Blogger earlier in his career) and now Dick Costolo (who previously founded feedburner) is the new CEO. Comparing twitter to the other social […]

Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell are wrong about social media

Let me preface what I’m about to write with the fact that I admire Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell a lot. I think their books are great and their thinking is fantastic. I enjoy the examples the bring about the way the world around us works and how to be extraordinary. That said both of […]

Lifestyles and business

I didn’t go into entrepreneurship to have a better lifestyle, I went into entrepreneurship because I had an idea for a business that I felt passionate about and thought could be something significant. I went into business to create jobs (I hope, right now I’d love it if I could live off what we’re doing […]


This week was my first time at Seedcamp, I wasn’t able to go for the last couple of years due to Yahoo!, Switzerland and personal commitments and it has been a bit of a sour point for me. This year, thanks to a very kind intro, I was able to go as a product and […]

Go big or go home

Google’s launched instant search this week, and it’s pretty cool.  There’s some interesting chatter on the interwebs about how Yahoo! had something similar in 2005 but couldn’t get the traction and execution internally to make a success out of it. I’m not going to comment on whether or not extending this service would have saved […]

Rejection builds resilience

Jeez, I just realised it’s been almost two months since I blogged last.  Crap.   Sorry folks, what can I say, between lots of visitors, lot’s of thinking and work on the new start up, as well as doing some consulting work to pay the bills, not to mention the lil one’s first birthday, it’s been […]

More Kevin Durant less Lebron James

Kevin Durant and Lebron James are two of the biggest talents in the NBA. Both are also free agents in the NBA this year. Kevin Durant signed a 5 year extension with Oklahoma City and announced it on twitter. Lebron James is starring in a one hour show on ESPN to make an announcement. Thing […]

Knowing why

I don’t blog to make money, at least not directly. I blog for several other reasons, to improve my writing, to give people who may want to hire me or work with me an insight into my thought-process, to own the international Farhan Lalji google juice, but not to make money. I’m not saying you […]

The future of the office

A couple of things have got me thinking about the future of our work set up. I’ve been working out of the Yahoo! offices for a couple of days a week and then out of the London Business School Library and most recently I was granted access to Camden Unlimited’s Collective project this is great […]