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Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell are wrong about social media

Let me preface what I’m about to write with the fact that I admire Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell a lot. I think their books are great and their thinking is fantastic. I enjoy the examples the bring about the way the world around us works and how to be extraordinary. That said both of […]

Every site is a dating site

A funny thing happened on the way from Seedcamp, I had a really interesting conversation with Josh Russell, a fellow mentor. An interesting conversation that started when Josh said “all websites are dating websites” I found that hilarious. After I stopped laughing I thought about it a bit and declared that Josh was right! Here’s […]

Your Linkedin profile is more than a CV

A former colleague of mine messaged me on instant messenger to ask me how things were going, we started talking about Linkedin profiles and he said that he wanted to spend some time on his Linkedin profile after he figured out what he wanted to do – based on some advice he had gotten. I […]

More Kevin Durant less Lebron James

Kevin Durant and Lebron James are two of the biggest talents in the NBA. Both are also free agents in the NBA this year. Kevin Durant signed a 5 year extension with Oklahoma City and announced it on twitter. Lebron James is starring in a one hour show on ESPN to make an announcement. Thing […]

Mainstreaming technology

I’m not a huge apple fan boy, but I’m on my way. I’ve got an iPod Touch, a Macbook and I’ll probably get an iPad at some point in the future. I’ve stayed away from the iPhone as I think the iPod browsing and apps meets my needs. Then I saw the Apple keynote (if […]

Dogfood is for dogs

At Yahoo! there was an idea from some people within the company that we should “eat our own dogfood”, i.e. that we should be using our own products and services, that internal Yahoo!’s shouldn’t be using Gmail or other Google/Microsoft products. I was reminded of this idea by an article on Steve Ballmer and Bill […]

Apologize like Joyce not like Zuckerberg

This is Zuckerberg at the D8 conference talking about privacy, he’s pretty defensive, saying things like “we recommend settings… there are misconceptions about the information we’re sharing” and lot’s of other gobbly goop about how Facebook is working on privacy: Now this is Jim Joyce, an umpire who made a mistake on a baseball play […]

Kill the takeover

When I was at Yahoo! one of the things that drove me batty was seeing an advertiser take over a property, either the homepage or some other vertical (like Sports or Movies or some other bit of Yahoo). It’s not that I’m not for capitalism and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the attempt at […]

Company character

Stick with me this post might be a bit longer than usual. I’ve been hearing lot’s of people talk about how companies can be good or evil. A lot of this goes back to Google’s whole “Don’t be evil” line that was the unofficial motto around the company a while back. Part of it is […]

Brand advertising 2.0 for the music industry

I really like Spotify, so much so that I give them 100 quid a year to be able to listen to the service on my iPod and in Switzerland. I also like thinking about metrics and measurement. Which is why this whole kafuffle about Spotify not paying artists enough or how the creative industries needs […]