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Delicious lives, will Yahoo

I thought I’d take a break from non-blogging – sorry been trying to focus on building a kick ass company – to comment quickly on the news about delicious having a second life with Avos, a company founded by the founders of YouTube. For delicious – phew, I’ll continue to use the service in the […]

Where’s the digital library?

I consume a fair bit of media, I’ll watch a decent amount of television, a bunch of movies, I listen to a lot of music and I read a lot of books. More and more my consumption is moving to be exclusively digital. Sure we’ll watch a fair bit of TV live over our cable, […]

Market share today doesn’t mean market share tomorrow

I’m really enjoying using the Amazon Kindle application on the iPod Touch. I’ve downloaded 3 books and read 1 full book and am halfway through the second. Reading books on an eReader is not something I thought I would really enjoy – at least not as much as I have so far. In the past […]

Why books won’t die, yet.

The Bee was telling me James Walcott’s article in Vanity Fair last month about the Kindle and how Book Snobbery was at danger of extinction. I was under strict instruction that she was going to blog about it and I wasn’t allowed. Fine. I waited… and waited and waited and then said if you don’t […]

The opposite of free

I was listening to a podcasts from This Week in Start Ups (TWIST) from Jason Calacanis. It was the first time I’d listened to one of his podcasts and probably won’t be the last. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t revolutionary but it was thought provoking. One of the thoughts I had was around high […]

Digital listening versus digital reading

While looking at a book on my desk a colleague said “I thought you would be using Amazon’s new Kindle”. I said it wasn’t for me, and I can’t see myself ever reading a book digitally. We talked a bit about the experience and how it’s different from music online and I came up with […]

Death of the salesman

Jason Fried over at SVN pointed an article on why the internet won’t be nirvana by Cliff Stoll from 1995. In it Stoll makes the point, “Even if there were a trustworthy way to send money over the Internet–which there isn’t–the network is missing a most essential ingredient of capitalism: salespeople”. That really got me […]

And another thing about ebooks

Kindle’s clogging up the blogosphere and the airwaves right now. As I wrote, and N and Cathy commented, the other day it’s probably a crummy idea. But some people have been making some good points so I thought it would be good to point out the other side – and to give my take on […]

Are ebook readers and ebooks actually a market? Will Amazon capture it?

So Amazon’s releasing a ebook reader, calling it Kindle, and hoping that it will get the ebook market going. I don’t – and won’t – buy it.For some people who like the experience and have already started reading ebooks, and after reading Michael Parekh’s blog I was amazing to find that there are people who […]