Where to begin?

I’m somewhat Canadian (Born and raised), British (Citizen as of 2014 – woot!), Indian and East African (my parents and grand parents heritage). Spent more than a few months in Switzerland as well.

I started my career as a web developer/designer, having done work for big brands and start ups, went into the public sector as a manager when the bubble popped, did some work as a consultant and then heading up customer acquisition at Yahoo! before having my own entrepreneurial adventures (and the nightmares still haunt me) I did an MBA at London Business School while working as a consultant as well, so you’ll have to excuse the occasional business gobbly goop. Currently, I’m helping scale PeerIndex.

I blog about a lot of stuff, technology and entrepreneurship mostly but occasionally about other stuff I find interesting, I hope you’ll find it interesting too.

When I’m not on the blog, you can find me at:




Or if you prefer the old fashioned way you can email me at Farhan (at) fiftybyfifty.com