Be better not defensive

I love London’s black cabs. As a parent, being able to take a stroller in a cab without folding it up is amazing. They’re distinctive and part of the culture of the city. There’s something safe and home-like about seeing the black cabs around the city.

That said, I’ve also liked using Uber – having used it sparingly, the times I have used it, I’ve been impressed with the service, ease of use and the availability and cars.

My wife has been a big fan of Hailo in the past, but recently that service has suffered, not sure if it’s the lack of cabbies engaging, the lack of availability, the lack of taking on smaller fares, whatever it is the service has suffered recently.

That all being said, I hate the idea that cabbies are planning some kind of action in order to protest the prevalence of Uber in London.

Similarly, I hated the idea that hotels and lawmakers in New York were taking actions against Airbnb.

If your industry is being threatened by an up and coming technology or a company leveraging technology to disrupt your industry, you need to adapt not try to be defensive and take actions like the London Cabbies or hotels and lawmakers in New York.

Monitoring, engaging and then modifying how you execute your business is the key to survival and thriving in a changing society. Suing and protesting only keeps you where you are, and as the world moves forward standing still is the same as going backwards.