Being part of something bigger

I want Ad Avengers to be huge. So far it’s not even a blip. I’ve been working on it for a year, struggling to balance fund raising, product vision and sales. Truth be told it’s been a slog. Every step is difficult. So when the opportunity to be part of Seedcamp came up I felt it would be wise to give it a shot.

I’ve been critical of the companies selected in the past, so now I have a chance to show that an early stage company with potential can make a great Seedcamp company.

To be honest the terms scared me a bit. I believe the equity we’re giving up if we’re successful is significant, but it’s not about the financial value that we decided to go for it. Seedcamp, like Y Combinator and other projects like this are great for providing a hand up in terms of conversations with customers, partners and other investors.

I’ve met with a lot of potential investors over the past year, it’s been an insane whirlwind or a year. And while many investors take meeting after meeting after meeting without a firm answer and while other “investors” charge customers to pitch. Seedcamp may invest a smaller amount but being able to leverage the network and getting a firm decision quickly is something that you can’t put a price on, especially when you’re at the stage we’re at – really early!

There’s a line I like about a little of something is worth more than a lot of nothing so hopefully Seedcamp will help us turn Ad Avengers into something and that’s why we decided to go for it. Watch this space next week for more on how the process shakes out and wish us luck!

Here’s the corporate blog post as well.

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  • Philip Schweizer

    Don't give up – in any case the journey is the goal, isn't it. ^^

  • Bee

    according to me and little bee, you are already doing something huge and amazing and we are so proud of you. not many people have the courage you have to do it on their own….but you have done it! now hopefully the rest of everyone will see too. keep it up – you are doing great x