The right time

One thing starting a business and having a daughter over the last couple of years has taught me is that a lot times we wait for the right time to do something when the right time doesn’t really exist.

There’s a right time to do a lot of things, like send thank you cards, invitations, Christmas cards, leave one job for another, start an MBA, read a book etc. But for some things if you wait until the time is right you’ll never really do it.

Having a child, and starting a business are two things that I don’t think you would do if you were waiting for the perfect storm. You might not be in the right property, the right country, the right job, or the right social situation, whatever it might be. Some friends of mine had children earlier and some friends have had children later, either way you end up with crazy highs and crazy lows when you have kids. The key I believe is to enjoy the highs and know that had things been different you probably would have had different lows.

Starting a business is similar. Of course every opportunity is different and there are times when markets are matured and when infrastructure either cheapens or new things are introduced to make a business more likely to succeed but, like having children, if you wait for the stars to align you’re likely to miss the opportunity entirely. I know fellow entrepreneurs who started companies before having children and I know people who have waited till their children had left home to start businesses. Either way the right time is when you have the idea and the ability to execute.

Sure there can be things that help make the decision easier to make, being made redundant and finding the job market to entirely welcoming has been a key driver for some businesses, but the real thing is knowing that these decisions require a lot of patience and hard work and if you’re ready to put the work in both can be amazing experiences regardless of the timing.

  • Jathurlow

    Good post. Agree with this and heard the same advice from my father regarding starting a family. I kept thinking that I need a little more money, better job stability, additional time with my wife…but in the end, there's no perfect time and all you end up doing is waiting and missing out.

    Just like Oogway said in Kung Fu Panda — There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”