The Bee reminded me the other day of the idea that if you write things down they’re more likely to come true. That and the fact that I’ve done some form of resolutions post every year for the last 3 years means I probably should write something about my plan for the year. Yes, once again there is a theme to the year but it’s a bit personal so instead I’ll just give you some of the resolutions that are making up my theme:

1 – Write more; the idea is that every week day after lunch I’ll spend some time writing blog posts, hopefully that means that I’ll publish more than the 3 posts per month (or less) average that I was on towards the end of last year. Three years ago I set out to have 8 posts per month, hopefully this year I can exceed that target.

2 – Read more, between moving countries, travelling, Mira and starting a new company the books read list fell to under 30 for the first time in a while and with a sprint over the last couple of months which included reading the entire millennium trilogy in a week and a couple of other easy reads that number could have been a lot lower. The iPad has been great for reading books on the go and hopefully we’ll start the year strong. I plan on writing a books related post every month, and have put that in my calendar, so hopefully that should help as well.

3 – Make myself better – Yoga, Spinning, meditation (though we did a bit of this last year) are all called for. A serious back malfunction in November/December has given me a little bit of perspective. I need to do more than go to the gym. I need to try other ways of keeping fit and I need to eat better (though writing this after a KFC lunch shows that this one might be difficult). I’ve started taking Multi-vitamins and have some Yoga classes set up to get me started, hopefully the year will end much better than it’s began for me from a physical perspective.

4 – Take care of my relationships – I’m going to try and be a better husband, friend, grandson, nephew, son, cousin, dad (still feels weird saying I’m a dad). This year I think I did okay in some roles but in others I truly sucked. Let’s hope I show more love to everyone who’s shown me so much love over the years.

5 – Accelerate – I started a couple of projects last year, and slowly took my foot of the brake. It’s time to really push on some projects –particulary Ad Avengers – more on this later.

It’s interesting to see that a couple of my resolutions have been things I’ve been trying to do for years, hopefully this year is the year that things go from on a list to being done.

  • Natasja

    Nice, I like these! That reminds me, I must write my theme for 2011, will you have a theme for 2011, like you had for 2010?

  • Farhan Lalji

    It's a shared theme between me and the bee, so either she can write it in the comments or I'll tell you about it when I see you.

  • Bee

    i like the resolutions. very thoughtful….i think i will join you on the reading books one, if that's okay. and the yoga…hmm, were you pushed into that, by any chance? ;-)
    and about the themes….are the ones we discussed the ones we are sticking with?

  • Farhan Lalji

    Theme – yes. Yoga – was already leaning, just needed a nudge. Thanks.

  • Cathy

    Farhan – I love how we actually talked about (un)conscious | (in)competency at the yoga retreat this year.

    I'm really moved by your point 3 and 4, as they look as unconscious competency interpreted by you as conscious incompetency. I am sure many people who care about you would agree.

  • Farhan Lalji

    Thanks Cathy, the key, I believe is to turn first turn things from unconscious to conscious and then from incompetency to competency which is what I keep trying to do with these resolution blog posts!