The impact of social media on thought

Yesterday I got to write my first post for Umair Haque’s blog. I’ve been reading Umair’s reading for years after having Fred Wilson, Chris Anderson and Jeff Jarvis reference his thinking for a while it was a pretty big deal to be able to blog on his site.

What writing a blog post there showed me is the real viral nature of the web, especially the social web. The post talks about how companies should be ambitious and try to disrupt like Google, design like Apple and deliver like Zappos. This wasn’t the first time I’d referenced these companies and these principles as people who regularly read my blog would know. But what followed was really interesting. Before I even sent out a tweet about the article, 3 people put the post out to twitter, and someone came up with a great hashtag, #3DValue, I really like this short term to describe my thinking. And I really love the fact that a search for #3DValue on twitter brings up a whole stream of people who are referencing this principle.

This is what’s great about social media, instead of communication being one way, multiple people can adapt and reference the thinking in a way that benefits everyone.

It’s great to have one more personal example of how many people can spread and idea as well as making it more succinct using social media.

  • Natasja

    That is very cool (both the idea and the references). A great idea was born!