A tale of two ads #1

I’ve been terrible at following through with ideas for regular blog posts, but hopefully this might stick.

I’m comparing two ads for two competing products and going to declare a winner. This week it’s Amazon’s Kindle versus Apple’s iPad – not the products, just the ads.

So Amazon has a new lower priced Kindle, that’s nice for someone who wants to read books. It’s light and it’s cheap. Cool. Why oh why have they gone on the attack against the iPad on their latest ad campaign?

The version that’s airing in the UK is a little more subtle, but still makes the case that you can view the kindle screen in bright sunlight.

Great, so in one scenario (bright sun light) you compare an iPad to a Kindle, in one use case. Funny thing is the Apple iPad user in the first ad is on Google, not reading a book. The Kindle user can’t do that even if she wanted too! Doh. Compare the Apple iPad ad that the Bee and I saw on TV last night.

I wasn’t even watching the ad, but the Bee made me rewind it. I later went on the app store and actually downloaded two of the apps that are mentioned in the ad.

Don’t get it twisted, I think the Kindle is probably a nice device and if you wanted to read many books on vacation I’m sure it’s superior, but why would you just use the one use case, bright sun light? Weird.

This is classic defensive versus benefit lead advertising. Don’t show off how you’re better than a competitor in one use case, show how you’re delightful in many. Apple wins this one.