Two incidents this morning have me thinking about personal anthems.

I was driving in to work today and heard the Ting Tings “Shut up and let me go”, and it really resonated with my current professional situation. Then as I was reading about the Jets win over the Chargers (and celebrating a bit as this means my beloved Colts won’t be playing the Chargers who always seem to have their number) I read that Braylon Edwards playing Jay Z’s “On to the next one” as a team theme song.

I love music, I used to write a newsletter to friends with new songs to listen out for back in the day, When I’m not listening to podcasts I’m listening to music at work , at the gym, at home, and everywhere in between, and there are some times when a song inspires, pumps and gets people over the hump.

Right now songs that have me inspired (sorry I’m on a bit of a hip hop tip these days) are Successful (by Drake), Empire State of Mind (both the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and the sans Jay-Z versions), Lily Allen’s F*ck you and of course the Ting Tings Shut up and Let me go.

Are there any songs that have you inspired these days? Feel free to send me tweet or a facebook message if you have song suggestions. I’ll put together a Spotify playlist and will post it via Twitter / Facebook if there’s a decent amount and mix of tracks.

  • rosschap

    benzi box by dangerdoom

  • Faiza

    All is Full of Love by Bjork.

  • karimkanji

    Wavin' Flag by K'Naan
    That's not my name by Ting tings
    One Day Like This by Elbow
    Through and Through and Through by Joel Plaskett
    Notion by Kings of Leon
    Johnny Guitar by Pearl Jam
    Anything by U2 (i really do mean anything!)