Three Times Three Words

I love London. I love the people. I love the energy. I love me in London. I love who I become. How I think. And the ideas I have. The idea that’s really captured my imagination right now is three word maxims, I’ve spent three days in London and have three principles of three words each that I’ve developed with the help of my London peeps.

How it all began; I met up with some great friends last night and another great friend today and talked about the year, our plans and hopes for it and how to achieve what we want to achieve.

A&S mentioned that every year they have themes. I loved their ideas for themes for the year, much easier to stick to a theme for the year then having lots of resolutions and not being sure which ones were met and which ones were sort of met.

I shared this idea with N, who declared, “Oh yeah I have themes too”. That settled it, I needed to come up with themes. After discussing the potential themes with N I settled on “Learning to do”, in short I’m tired of talking about doing certain stuff. This is the year I do stuff. And that’s the first of three word maxims I’ve come up with in my three days in London.

Then later on today I decided to head to the London Business School library. The library’s great for inspiring and coming across books that I hadn’t heard of. Today I came across what seems to be a great book called, “Out of Poverty” by Paul Polak. Polak is a Psychiatrist, turned entrepreneur, turned poverty solver. He has a great story in the book where he talks about how his father is a survivor, his father left what’s now the Czech republic during Hitler’s campaigns and how when his father tried to convince others to leave the Czech republic as well and how these people said “What about the furniture”, he left those people behind, those people were not as lucky as Polak Sr. So the second of the three three word maxim’s is “F— the furniture”. You lose site of the big picture by focusing on the (relatively) little stuff, so “F— the furniture”.

As if two three word maxims weren’t enough, I came across N again at the library where we were discussing a project she’s working on. She was getting stuck because the idea was starting to spiral out of control and she felt like she was forcing it. My advice to her was to get her idea in front of people and do quick iterations, kind of like Apple was doing with Mac’s and iPhones (N happens to be a big Apple fan so this was a good line of thinking I though), “Be the Mac” I said, get your products out there and out iterate the competition.

And so three days in London and three pretty big thoughts, “Learn to do”, “F— the furniture” and “Be the Mac”. It’s no wonder I miss this city.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of themes and I particularly love yours. Be the MAC is particularly great. Hope to see you another time you are in town. Get some old Y!s together for drinks.

  • N

    I miss you too! Great seeing you yesterday, and here’s to 2009, it’s gonna be a good one with these three themes :-)
    Hug, N

  • Cathy

    GO ON, Farhan!!!

    Wooooooaaaarh I feel your energy. Yes agree with Lisa, the theme thing sounds like a plan.

    All in all my theme is to ‘decluster life’. Enjoy every moment, just be, see the best in the worst situation; the worst in the best situation…

    You rock!!

  • karim kanji

    Look forward to reading about your “Learning to Do” stuff this year!

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