Good and bad companies

Jeff Jarvis has a great post on Walmart and good companies and bad companies, which includes my favourite analogy about making a bad product or company look better superficially rather then addressing the core problem; “putting lipstick on a pig”.

What’s good? What’s bad? Good questions. To me, good companies spend as much time thinking about their social impact and the impact of their mission and vision on society as they do on the bottom line. Bad companies only focus on maximising the bottom line.

If only investors spent as much time valuing companies social bottom line, if only the social bottom line had a more direct impact on the market value of the company. Might be easier to convince companies to be more socially aware in the way they operate but on the other hand some companies are just authentically good and evil. I’m not sure, whatever we change in the market to evaluate companies “goodness”, would help Walmart operate in a way that’s beneficial to its communities and society as a whole.